Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Your guide to the Glass Extension...

For many years the only glass structure available to enhance your home has been a traditional Upvc conservatory which protected you from the elements but with its thick white frames obstructed your vision and spoilt the possibility of a truly panoramic view of your garden. This is no longer the case as a glass extension is now available to UK consumers.

Glass extensions are the latest must have item for the home allowing much more scope in design to create a simply stunning addition to your house. One owner described the unique experience of sitting in his glass extension in the early evening watching the wildlife in his garden as..

"Its like watching a nature programme in high definition but without the interruptions of the breaks!"

an excellent analogy and one that I think sums it up very well.

What is a Glass Extension?

A glass extension is just as it sounds, an extension to the home made from glass but without any unattractive Upvc frames. Glass extensions are constructed in such a way that they are extremely strong and rigid using in most cases only specially bonded glass struts to support the extension making the end product a million miles away from the old style conservatory by giving you a perfect view from inside your home, while also keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer ensuring it is an all year round glass room in the garden.

Will I need planning permission?

You may need planning permission for your new glass extension but because glass extensions provided by A Touch of Glass are made entirely from glass they are very planning permission friendly and are often accepted where traditional style timber or Upvc structures would be declined. An important factor with planning permission is always whether or not the structure will detract from the appearance of the property and look unsightly. The fact that a glass extension is made completely from glass means you can see the original property through it therefore making it a clear favourite with planning officials.

Style and materials

A completely frameless glass extension will give you an all round view but if you would like something using other materials too like timber, stone or stainless steel to be incorporated into the design this is not a problem and will create a unique styled extension like the one pictured here, the glass extension can be adapted to create many different grand design style structures.

A Technical view

The glass used is of course a toughened glass and it is incredibly strong withstanding object impacts in very bad weather and it has been said that a brick thrown at the glass will just bounce off.

For those who require more information on the Glass Extension please Click Here

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